Public Art at McMillan Memorial Library

Backwater Diptych by Gary Bowling. Given in memory of Barbara Brennan. Located in the McCourt Conference Room.

More about Gary Bowling

Endangered Insects Mural (2023)

The Wood County Youth Programs painted this mural at McMillan Library over a two week span in April of 2023.  The mural, next to the butterfly garden entrance in the children’s section, depicts native Wisconsin butterflies, plants, and pollinator insects like monarchs, swallow tail butterflies, beebalm, milkweed, and bumblebees. The mural was completed in a paint by number format. ADP case manager and mural project leader Libby Conway sketched the original image.  16 youth, ranging in age from 10-17, helped paint the mural along with 11 other staff members. The goal of the project was to involve youth in a creative activity that would transform the space, instill a sense of pride in their work, and deepen their connection to the community and McMillan Library.


Youth Created Mural of Endangered Insects (smaller file)

Space Station (1981)
Sculptor Paul Yank (1931-2020) describes his work, "Space Station": "This is an environmental sculpture, which is meant to involve the view in active participation in the sculpture and its changing colors. The slightest movement of the viewer or the sculpture changes the combination of the many layers of color, thus mixing primary colors into many hues." After residing in the skylight for forty years, this sculpture is located at the top of the staircase between our lower and upper levels. It was a gift from the Consolidated Papers Foundations, Inc., which is now the Mead Witter Foundation, Inc.

More about Paul Yank and his artwork and the artist's website.

The Hmong Journey
Created by Youa Vang and Bao Lee Vang. Presented to McMillan Memorial Library by John and Judy Steele and the Friends of McMillan Library. This item is located on the southwest wall of the Library Commons.

Tropical Fertility by Chris Borggen
This mosaic is one of the first pictures made using small pieces of Consoweld laminated plastic. Consoweld was manufactured in Wisconsin Rapids and used for long-wearing decorative surfaces on counter tops and furniture. Consoweld Corporation was a subsidiary of Consolidated Papers, Inc. from 1953 to 1985.  Artist Chris Borggen made the mosaic in 1960 for Mr. and Mrs. Jay Somers, who donated it to McMillan Memorial Library in 1996. This item is currently in search of a new location after the recent renovation.

McMillan also owns two Consoweld works by Gilbert Endrizzi. We are finding permanent public locations for them. 

Julia White and Evelyn Funmaker
from the series The Ho Chunk People by Tom Jones, Photographer.
Presented to the Children's Department of the McMillan Memorial Library by Joe & Lupe Ancel, Elaine Bushmaker, Peter Crawford, Susan Feith, Jeffery & Joan Johannes, Ron McCabe, George Mead, Russ & Jackie Miller, Edith Nash, Joyce Radtke, Mary Beth Rokus and Gloria Zager. This item is located in the northwest corner of the Children's Room, near the public computers.
The Fish Dock / Flight South
The Curious Doe / Door County Headlands

by Gerhard C.F. Miller.
In memory of Ruth Palmer Byers (1893-1974) mother of Deborah Byers Bennett. Located on the west wall of the lower level Commons, next to the main entrance
Waste Howling Wilderness
by Charles Dio
Presented to the McMillan Memorial Library by Mary McMillan Burt in memory of Laertes N. Burt. The title is a quote from the King James Version of the Bible - "He found him in a desert land, and in the waste howling wilderness; he led him about, he instructed him, he kept him as the apple of his eye."
Located in the Director's office.
Historic Mural
This mural depicts the various buildings that have housed the library. It can be viewed outside the Library's previous entrance. It is one of a series of murals by the artist located throughout Wisconsin Rapids.


mural012.JPG (1288104 bytes)
The McCourt Conference Room also houses a painting of Margaret "Mugs" McCourt and formal photographs of Anna McMillan, Mary McMillan Burt, Emily Mead Baldwin Bell, George Mead, T.B. Scott, Alice McCaul Hayward, Richard Brazeau and J.D. Witter.